I wrote some stuff you can read. Here’s the links!

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Torpor; Or, The Disquieted Vicissitudes of the Inchoate (Ma Shen #1) – A short folk tale
Each night whilst everyone else was praying for good health and fortune, Arwen prayed for change.

It arrived on a dank winter night.

A Ma Shen folk tale told to and via Jack CJ Stark.

The Fair Haired Boy; Or, The Sound of a Lost Voice (Ma Shen #2) – A short folk tale
A mother. A father. A fair haired boy. A fog that turns everything bad, and a voice that can end the suffering.

A Ma Shen folk tale told to and via Jack CJ Stark.

Red Mountain Man: Or, The Mighty Lessons in Hasty Exaltation (Ma Shen #3) – He came from over the red mountain. A man torn to within an inch of his life. A man without a face. A strange, enchanted man.

A Ma Shen folk tale told to and via Jack CJ Stark.

Seen and Unseen – A low fantasy novella
Some things are seen. Some things are unseen.

After a failed suicide attempt, the patient finds himself trapped on a secure mental health ward. Forced to live with strangers, and without a purpose in life, he discovers he is capable of much more than he ever thought possible.

A magical tale of friendship, desperation, kindness, and finding peace.

Unsound Sounds – My debut collection of disjointed short stories, poems, and bits.
A man struggles with his creases. A woman wants a job, but she is not going to take her hat off so don’t even ask. An owl visits at the right time. A lesson from a father about trying everything once. Buttons falling. A young woman receives a life lesson after being left on read.

Short stories from the broken mind of Jack CJ Stark.



A list of short stories (not included in my books) published on my site for easy access.

Creases by Jack CJ Stark – The first story I ever published back in 2018. Since then it has been revised and improved upon. This is the 2022 edition.

The Anguish and the Fungi by Jack CJ Stark – A silly little piece about a talking mushroom.

The Fat Man; Or, The Judgement of the Fifteenth Year – A story written using this prompt from Jeff VanderMeer’s Wonderbook.

Rocks and Minerals – A psychic detective searches for clues in a potential murder case.

LoC – If we legalised assisted suicide, just where would it end?

Can I join in? (Asked a Vampire) – I’m so sorry. My tongue in cheek parody of an explicit erotic story.


Some flash fiction I’ve been trying out recently.

Sun (part 2)
The Fire Has Gone Out
My Poor Heart