Red Mountain Man: Or, The Mighty Lessons in Hasty Exaltation

Would ya put ya beady eyes to that! I wrote a book, I did. It’s called Red Mountain Man: Or, The Mighty Lessons in Hasty Exaltation. It’s the third book in the Ma Shen series. I’d bloody love you to bits if you bought it and read it (and then left an honest review etc etc, you know the drill).

This is my longest released Ma Shen story, with the paperback coming in at a full 239 pages. That’s right, it’s a *sparkles* novella! *sparkles*

It’s probably fair to warn that this book deals with some dark themes and nasty things happen in the story, such as:
– Murder
– Sexual assault
– Child death
– Ableism
– Prolonged graphic violence

Look, ’tis horror. It’s also got some funny bits and niceness (please buy my book!) I get higher percentage royalties for books sold through smashwords, where the story is available as Reader Sets the Price, and I’m more than fine if you set it to 0.

Book Links
Smashwords | Amazon UK | Amazon US | Goodreads

Jack CJ Stark
Amazon Author Page

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