What I Read – Otherless by Ferris Wheel Fox

Title Otherless
Author Ferris Wheel Fox
Genre Psychological Fiction
Format Kindle Edition
Page Length 85
Publication Date 31 Oct 2019
Publisher Self-Published
Read Date Mar 2021

Marcia Gordon, a future cult leader, starts an arts and crafts club at her high school.

(That’s it. That’s the entirety of the synopsis and trust me, you don’t need anything more.)

In Otherless we follow Marcia Gordon, a sixteen year old, narcissistic, high schooler, as she hones her skill in manipulation and leadership. I’m not sure if I liked Marcia personally, but she sure makes for an interesting main character, and although this is a shorter novella, we get a fair amount of moving parts that I enjoyed seeing come together. The story is tense in parts, thoughtful and profound in others. Most importantly, it’s very entertaining.

This is my second/third read from Ferris Wheel Fox and it’s safe to say I’m a fan. They write with a simple and whimsical style that makes for an easy read. That’s not intended as a criticism, quite the opposite, their stories have a lot to say and I suspect it’s intentional substance over style; my favourite presentation of storytelling. I really wish more people read Ferris Wheel Fox’s work, and I look forward to (hopefully) more being available in the future.

Anyway, I’m off to start a rival creative writing club. Until next time, peace and love!

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