What I Read – Underdogs Unite by Harry Whitewolf

Title Underdogs Unite
Author Harry Whitewolf
Genre Poetry, Social Commentary
Format Kindle
Page Length 198
Publication Date 22 Sep 2017
Publisher Self Published
Read Date Mar 2021

Harry Whitewolf’s hard-hitting, straight-talking, seventh collection of poetry combines topical anti-establishment and anti-fascist themes with anecdotal reminiscing, personal confessions, and verse about immigration, television, drugs, pubs, cigs and gigs, delivered with Whitewolf’s humorous, playful, passionate and distinctive voice.

Unpretentious and powerful poetry for the underbelly of twenty-first century society.

I too am full of frustration for our leadership and social structures of the world around me. I like Harry’s poetry. It speaks to and for the common man, and validates my peaceful anarchist ideology. I’m glad the world has been put to rights. Cheers for that.

As a tree loving, homeless, hippie, vegetarian without any money, I related to a lot of these pieces. Veggie Rage had me laughing out loud. Although, as a straight edge snowflake, I am outraged at the reckless liberal approach shown to smoking, drugs, and alcohol. It’s just a tad irresponsible and maybe this book should be banned. At least Harry isn’t a fascist (probably).

This collection has the political and social commentaries that I’ve enjoyed in many of Harry’s other stuff that I’ve read, but it also felt a little more confessional and reflective in parts which was just as engaging. I enjoyed it.

P.S. I will now be referring to the right wing as ‘the far wrong’. Clever.

Anyway, I’m off to not be a dick. Until next time, peace, love, and kindness!

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