What I Read – The Grimhaven Disaster by Leo X. Robertson

Title The Grimhaven Disaster: Radioactive Edition
Author Leo X. Robertson
Genre Who knows?! Horror, NSFW, Humour, Bizarro
Format Kindle Edition
Page Length 62
Publication Date Jan 2021
Publisher Unnerving
Read Date Jan 2021

Bigger. Wackier. Radioactiver! Themis and his buddies celebrate the end of high school by taking a trip to, of all places, Grimhaven’s abandoned nuclear plant, where Themis’ insane grandfather, who religiously devoted himself to nuclear energy, worked up until the hideous accident that put the plant out of commission.

When Themis and his girlfriend explore the plant at night, they discover that the plant isn’t as dormant as it seems, and the background radiation of Themis’ family history threatens to result in a full-blown sickness.

The Grimhaven Disaster is a horrific, surreal and positively radioactive vision of what happens when youthful hubris clashes with the sobering decay of adulthood.

Leo X. Robertson writes fucked up NSFW stories. This story is not his most fucked up story but it’s still a heavy dose of fucked up. And fuck me is it also very, very funny. I laughed out loud several times. It’s also rather touching in parts and does a pretty sweet job of exploring the fear of inheriting and overcoming traits, be they good or… not so good. But shush with all that nonsense, read it, gasp at the absurdity of it, and giggle at the waving nipples.

Anyway, I’m off to live radioactively. Until next time, peace and love!

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