Rare Beautiful Gift by Jack CJ Stark

She was a rare beautiful gift. She was a giant. She was our light. Where the other cities had walls and fire for protection, we had our Oma. She stood amongst us, and with us. The folk from the lands far over heard of her great deeds. They would look over the water and see her light, bright in a sea of darkness. Her inspiration was strong, with no wall big enough to contain it.

Oma would say it’s not a name that makes someone who they are, but their aims and actions. Oma’s were pure, and good. She raised no sword, no axe, no bow. Instead she fought with her thoughts. With her words. She suffered no fool, but always showed love. She stood in the path of terror when we couldn’t. She held back the dark clouds, and spoke for those without a voice. She said real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.

This evening she is gone, and now we are terrified. Afraid of what comes next. Afraid her protection went with her. Afraid the sky will fall and turn red, forever. But Oma showed us a way. Her message remains. She says we must not give in to the fear. Oma says her light is still bright, it is within us as it was in her, and it can shine from us all if we look for it – if we will it to be. Oma tells me of how she was not born a giant, but became one with her determination. If we stand together, we can fight like she did. Together, we can hold back the dark clouds and live under a blue sky. We can keep a light on for those looking over. Together, we can be giants. Unity is our flame. Together we prosper. So tonight it will be dark. Then it will be our time. We will fight with her power, in her name, in our name, just as she did for so many of us. We will take our fear and use it to fuel our flame. We will rise together. Tomorrow, we will be the light.

Jack CJ Stark
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