The Fair Haired Boy (with audio vid)

Yo nerds!

I follow a bunch of authors on the socials and such, and you know what? Some of them are bloody good at that whole self promotion malarky. Some, though, are bloody useless and forget to do a blog post announcing when they release a new story. Oh, what silly billies they are! Lovely guys, nonetheless.

On a completely unrelated note, I released a story back in November. It’s called The Fair Haired Boy: Or, The Sound of a Lost Voice. Don’t worry if you missed all the self promotion, blog posts, and the such. You’re a busy lass/lad/lax, I understand. Look at this fancy lil promo thingy I did.

Fancy, right?! So here are the links.

Amazon UK | Amazon US | Smashwords (You set the price!) | Goodreads

But wait! There’s more. I want my stories to be accessible to as many people as possible, which means it bothers me that they are not available as audiobooks. I am naught but a poor pauper and I have no gold to spend on getting them recorded. So… it’s about to get cringey in here. I can see you cringing already and you ain’t even watched it yet. That’s right, I recorded a reading of The Fair Haired Boy: Or, The Sound of a Lost Voice. I know, it’s cringeworthy. But accessible.

If you do read/listen to the story, please give it a rating/review on the amazon and goodreads. It would mean the world to me.

Anyway, I’m off to hide in a cave of shame. Until next time, peace and love!

Jack CJ Stark
Amazon Author Page

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