New Tapas and The Commotion of Lost Horses

Yo nerds!

In between writing serious stories seriously, I have an ongoing mess called The Commotion of Lost Horses and Other Things That Our Protagonist Encounters in This Tale.

After completing a draft of a story, I give myself some time away from it (so I can come back to it with fresh eyes), but I don’t like to stop writing completely. So one day, I started writing Lost Horses, never with the intention of sharing it, and it grew to become a story that I keep coming back to. I’ll often use it to try out new ideas, or get out silly scenes that don’t fit anywhere else, or to practice improving the bits of my writing that need improving. Because most of my writing is rather… dark (?), I try my best to keep Lost Horses silly and nonsensical. The whole purpose is to write for fun, rather than to write with purpose, and to just see where it goes. I try to not analyse what is happening too much, and I plan VERY little. To give you an idea, normally a 3k word story of mine would usually have about 5k words of planning. For Lost Horses, Part 1 of Bit The First (2k words) had just one line of planning.

Anyway, it makes me laugh, and I thought it might make other people laugh too. So I decided I wanted to share it. But instead of sharing it in parts on this blog, where it could be messy to keep up with, I created a Tapas account. I have absolutely no plans for a regular release schedule, and I have no idea where the story will end, or what will happen next (I’ve written all of Bit The First, about to start Part 1 of Bit The Second). So if you are on Tapas, give it a read, and support indie authors. It will literally make you even more awesome!

The Commotion of Lost Horses and Other Things That Our Protagonist Encounters in This Tale on Tapas

Anyway, I hope you are all keeping well. I’m off to watch adverts to earn ink. Until next time, Peace and Love!

Jack CJ Stark
Amazon Author Page


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