The Fall

Yo nerds! My dear bookish friend, the Liz, recently started a creative writing course. During her first session, she was asked to write a brief piece based on the prompt a loose button on an old overcoat. You can read the Liz’s post here. Give her a follow if you aren’t already, because she is wonderful.

I love what the Liz wrote. I could never do anything like this. I write slowly, and in my mind a lot before anything gets written down. There is no way I could sit in a room of others and come up with anything of any worth just like that. I also don’t normally write stories from prompts, I’ve tried it in the past but found it didn’t really work for me. It’s just not how my creative juices flow. But my interest was piqued enough with this and I thought, let’s give it a go. So I gave it a go.

I wrote two stories because I am dumb as bricks and didn’t follow the prompt properly the first time around. Hahahaha, oh what a silly billy I am. -.- This is another reason I would never do well with structured learning – I just can’t follow rules. You see the task was to write from the perspective of the button. I wrote a story with a talking button, told from the perspective of a psychic detective. Then I wrote The Fall, and did it properly, telling the story from the button’s perspective. Check me out, following rules! Who even am I?

I am incredibly anxious about sharing any of my stories. It never gets easy. My mild form of OCD means that anything less than perfection = not good enough. Which, is tough because as we know, nothing is perfect. I get concerned that with every piece I share, I further damage my credibility in belonging in the writing community. But, that’s just my thing for me to deal with.

We need a joke here – A password stares into a mirror: “Don’t listen to Google. You are a strong, confident password.”

So, my introduction is turning out longer than the story itself! That’s enough jibber jabber from me. Have a gander at the super short story!

The Fall

Anyway, that’s it. I’m off to sew a loose button back on to my shirt. Until next time, Peace and Love!

Jack CJ Stark

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