The Applicant

Yo nerds! Here we are with another short story I wanted to share with you. This story is essentially a character study based on a few different experiences I have had with people.

Throughout my career, I have conducted hundreds of interviews and read thousands of application forms. Most of them are boring, with many of the applicants clearly being forced to submit at least 50 applications a week by the job centre. The applicants are not really interested in the job and often don’t show up to interviews. Occasionally though, you get a really interesting application from an unusual, eccentric person.

One such application that has always stuck with me was for a part time Receptionist role from about 6 years ago. The applicant spoke about her pet cat dying and about having to always wear a hat. She would make presumptions about us, and what we, the readers, would think, and then start arguing why we were wrong to have those thoughts. As mad as a box of frogs.

This may sound a little odd, but conducting lots of interviews one after another is incredibly tiring and difficult to do. As an interviewer, I always wanted to give people the proper time and attention they deserved and always tried to engage people in friendly conversations rather than just bombarding them with 10-15 questions one after another. This means an interview can last anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes. I once did 15 interviews a day for 3 days straight and it was hell! The applicant above absolutely did not hit any of the essential criteria to justify being offered an interview (I don’t think she even read the Person Spec), but I desperately wanted to give her one anyway because I thought it would be a hoot to meet her and would give us a brief moment of comic relief if nothing else. Unfortunately, the other 2 people on the panel disagreed. Spoil sports!

The Applicant

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed. Until next time, Peace and Love!

Jack CJ Stark


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